I’m Janette.

I’m an England-Netherlands native and US citizen, living and working in Newport, Rhode Island since 1990 as a writer and editor.

I could work from anywhere and spend all my time on the road if I chose to, but these past few years I’ve dug my hands and my heart deep into the soil of Aquidneck Island (a tiny island within the state of Rhode Island) where I have a horse and a dog and a huge untamed garden, and my husband, and our two sons who love their Newport birthplace, and their beautiful friends who make up my extended family.

I still get wandering feet though, and every few months I can come up with a watertight excuse to pack a bag and hit the road. I’ve written about my travels in a more esoteric style in other places, in print and online, but I want these pages to be fun to read and to perhaps inspire you or keep you company on your own road.

Thanks for checking in.